A larp inspired by Defiance


“This world has no natives, which means it belongs to everyone.”

Welcome to Fool’s End, a desperate city within a hostile, post-apocalyptic world. Between the ongoing conflict between Republic Earth and the Votanis Collective Fool’s End is one of the last neutral places where all kinds of outsiders gather, humans and aliens alike. But whom can you trust? And were do allegiance lie in a world of turmoil?

“Archenfall” is a modern aka nordic style larp, inspired by the TV series “Defiance” (USA 2013-2015). It is a story about unlikely friends, dangerous environment, flight and hope for a better future. You will play one of the characters stranded in Fool’s End, one of the last European cities which does not take side in the war. The Larp is designed for a “play to flow”. We play not to win but to share a great experience and create scenes within our and other character’s story. “Archenfall” takes place in Germany and is open for international players. Especially as the world of “Archenfall” is a multilingual one. The community of Fool’s End is a small one. And so the Larp will only support 35 players and some NPCs.


In a not so distant future the Votanus Collective was driven from its own planetary system. Their ships full of refugees, called “arks” (German: Archen), arrive at earth, formerly without sapient inhabitants. Years after the first contact a tragic incidents starts a war in which the “arks” are destroyed and their terraforming technology changes earth forever. The struggle between earth and the aliens never stopped although some try to get along peacefully. As does the city of Fool’s End.


Dependent on the information you transmit during sign-up you receive a full written character of one of the four communities: Citizens of Fool’s End, Republic Earth, Votanis Collective and free nomads. Despite humans you have the chance to play one of five alien races Irathiens, Castithans, Indogenes, Sensoth and Liberata. After you receive your character you can communicate with us and we will adapt the character accordingly – as long it fits into the game design.


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